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Putting Asia's Leaders On The Map.

We help founders scale their personal brands through proven frameworks for LinkedIn growth. Drive more enquiries, control your brand narrative and lead your industry.

Our story

Lizzie Tan and Ashvin Praveen, Co-founders of whacked

We began as two students who felt deeply inspired after attending a conference by Gary Vee. He talked about the power of content and how leveraging on social media is essential for businesses and individuals to survive in future.

We realised that many business owners, coaches and people who wanted to create content didn’t have the skills to do so - but had tons of knowledge and stories they wanted to share from their experience.

We had a knack for breaking down complex ideas to simple ones... Thought this was something we had the skills and passion to help with.

We were inspired to take action. One week later, we secured our first client.

Over time a huge realisation hit us - We grew up seeing the faces of Western leaders and learning from their ways of success, which are passed down from one generation to another. There are many Asian leaders who are also achieving great things and changing the world, but most of them stay in the shadows.

Our direction became clearer. We scaled whacked from a

2-person gig to a lean startup team — to change that. We want to give the business leaders of SouthEast Asia a voice to revolutionise the world and inspire generations to come.

Ashvin Praveen

CMO and Co-founder

Lizzie Tan

CEO and Co-founder


Turning C-Suites and Founders into marketing channels to drive people-led growth for B2B businesses.



Giving the business leaders a voice to revolutionise the world and inspire generations to come.

Business leaders like you shouldn’t be in the shadows.

A lot of our knowledge and learnings come from a lot of Western leaders who are actively making an impact to the community at a larger scale.

However, leaders in the Asia region seem to be more closed-off and we seldom see one or two on platforms sharing what they’ve been up to and cheer for their successes.

We want to change that - Every leader deserves to have your unique voice to connect your audience with your narrative.

We pride ourselves in personal storytelling.

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whacked's clients, employees and collaborators who are involved in the personal branding efforts

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