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5 Common Business Challenges & How to Overcome Them.

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As a business owner or an entrepreneur, you will face many challenges.

It’s undoubtedly a part of every entrepreneur’s journey.

Some will be big and some will be small, but all will require your attention and action.


In this blog post:


These are the 5 most common business challenges we’ve seen our clients experience first-hand and our tips for overcoming them.

1. Finding Customers 🏧

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No one likes hard-selling, especially not customers because it’s pushy and customers know it’s not what they want and need.

Build your buyer persona and create content that caters specifically to your target demographic.

This helps you to identify your target market and find ways to reach them.

Then, share it in the channels you know they’re in, with the messages you know they care about.

This can be done in several ways, including:

  • online and offline marketing

  • word-of-mouth

  • referrals

  • networking

The key is to be creative and consistent.

This puts out your brand thoughts and values that will resonate with the customers or clients who value similar things. The feeling of belonging a customer feels when they feel heard by your brand is a powerful tool.

2. Increasing Brand Awareness 📈

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Do people know of your brand? Have they seen or heard from you?

Increasing brand awareness means getting your name and your message in front of as many people as possible, and as consistently as possible.

Focus your efforts on increasing your brand awareness.

This is also a common area that new entrepreneurs struggle in. The vast options of platforms, marketing techniques, and information can be overwhelming.

Engage a marketing agency or team to guide your business on to a successful digital path.

The goal is for Top-Of-Mind Awareness (TOMA). Top-Of-Mind Awareness is a measure of how well your brand ranks in the minds of consumers. Achieving TOMA might be your brand’s goal, as it is for many others.

This is what TOMA looks like: When a customer is asked an unprompted question about a category [product or service], your brand is the first brand that comes to mind.

Again, there are many ways to do this. You have the option of:

  • online and offline marketing

  • PR

  • social media

  • co-marketing

  • Demand Generation

  • LI, FB, YT, TT and other social media’s content creation

3. Lead Generation 📠

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Consistently nurturing new leads or relying on referrals can be tough for business owners especially if you don’t have established frameworks.

This is the process of turning your target market into leads, or people who are interested in your product or service.

There are many ways to generate leads, including online and offline marketing, networking, and referrals.

Our personal recommendation: Optimize your existing LinkedIn profile or personal website for conversions.

This allows your social media to work passively for you while you focus your efforts on other aspects of lead generation like conversing, building networks and connections, and creating content that resonates.

4. Customer Satisfaction 🏷️

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It’s important to make sure your customers are happy with your product and that they keep coming back for more.

In order to have satisfied customers, you must first understand:

  • Why they chose you

  • What they need from you

Set concrete expectations at the start of the engagement and deliver on the agreed-upon expectations.

A big part of happy customers comes from your ability to innovate how you can provide thoughtful extras while making your customers feel good and heard.

Some ways to increase customer satisfaction are:

  • provide excellent customer service

  • offering thoughtful communication

  • having consistent touchpoints

  • checking in during and after the sales process

5. Hiring Talent 🗣️

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Hiring talented employees to help you run your business might be a challenge. Finding talents with the right amount of drive, motivation, skills, attitude, and independence is the goal for all business owners.

To start, having strong company branding makes people feel excited about the possibility of working for a brand with an established and positive presence.

Spruce up your company pages, profiles, and description. Interested talents will go looking for the most updated information.

Then, if you’re having trouble hiring people or are unsure of the kind of people you’re looking for, create a candidate persona for your potential candidates.

These personas should be different for each role you’re hiring for but will share some underlying traits around company culture and attributes that are important in the team.

There are also things you can do to attract high-quality talents like:

  • create a positive workplace culture

  • address and improve upon internal feedback

  • check turnover and fix any pre-existing problems

  • develop strong job descriptions

  • interview based on talent.


These are the 5 most common business challenges that we’ve seen clients face and have helped them overcome by setting up effective systems and measures.

If you can overcome them, your brand and business will be well on your way to success. It’s not an easy road but the journey is worthwhile alongside trusted partners and agency specialists.

Our community is built from the ground up of experts and specialists who have spent years honing their craft.

We work hand in hand with you using entrepreneur-proven strategies to accelerate your digital growth on LinkedIn.

Take us up on a free 15-minute consultation for business leaders like you looking to scale your business — Book a call with us.

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