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5 tips for a better optimised LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn works for those who put in the work.

A mock template of an empty LinkedIn profile.
Image by Freepik.

If you want to get the most out of LinkedIn, it’s important to have a well-optimised profile that is highly targeted and showcases your personal brand.

This is the monumental first step to building your personal brand and becoming a thought leader in your niche.

As people skim through thousands of LinkedIn profiles, you have a 5-second window to capture their attention and gain their trust.

In this blog:

Here’s how you achieve that ⬇️

1. Shine in Your Profile Photo

Your profile photo is one of the first things people will see when they visit your profile. This is how you make a good first impression.

✅ Choose a professional-looking headshot that shows your face clearly with a background that pops!

❌ Avoid using photos with filters or other effects, and make sure the photo is recent.

2. Showcase Your Banner

An image of Neil Patel's linkedIn banner that is a perfect example of what an "effective" banner looks like.
Neil Patel's LinkedIn Banner.

Along with your profile picture, your banner is also one of the first things people see on your profile.

It’s your digital billboard, per se. It’s free advertising on your profile to showcase your brand.

This is what it should contain:

✅ One-liner of what your followers will receive.

✅ Any features or clients you’ve had.

✅ A Call-To-Action.

3. Finetune Your Headline

A screenshot of Ashvin Praveen LinkedIn headline.
An example of a good LinkedIn Headline.

This is your chance to grab attention and show what you do. Tell a story using a one-liner that is impactful and solution-oriented.

Remember, this is also where you establish authority over a subject matter.

Whether you’re a CEO or Digital Marketing Expert, you want to establish yourself as a trustworthy subject matter expert.

These keywords also help to place your profile higher on LinkedIn’s social rankings, like below ⬇️

An example of how keywords appear and are ranked on LinkedIn's social ranking.
How keywords appear and are ranked on LinkedIn's social ranking.

Use keywords that:

✅ Describe your skills and experience.

✅ Include your current job title and company.

✅ Shows your role and expertise.

You don’t have a lot of space here so it’s important to make it count.

4. Turn Your Summary into Your Story

An example of a LinkedIn About Me that's well-done.
A good example of an About Me that's well-done.

Your summary is a chance to give a more in-depth overview of your skills and experience. This is where you can really sell yourself and highlight what makes you stand out.

Tell your story in a way that shows off your personality and gives people a sense of who you are.

✅ Keep it positive.

✅ Free of typos and grammatical errors.

✅ Use keywords throughout.

✅ End with a Call-To-Action.

A good example of a CTA in your LinkedIn About Me.
This is what a CTA in your About Me should look like.

5. Testimonies Carry Your Profile

Sample of LinkedIn testimonials.
Sample of LinkedIn testimonials.

Reach out to 3 to 5 of your former colleagues, bosses, clients, and more for recommendations and testimonials about yourself or your work.

These testimonials carry so much weight. It’ll help increase your credibility and be seen as a high performer with high potential.

Attributes of a good testimonial:

✅ State your professional relationship.

✅ Highlights your skills.

✅ Have a personal touch or a memorable story.

✅ Medium-length but sweet.

By optimising these 5 parts of your LinkedIn profile, you’ll be sure to make a great impression and stand out from your competition.

As Robin Ryan from Forbes wrote, “As the CEO of your own personal brand, your job is to actively build and shape your reputation into a very appealing one.”

We completely agree!

LinkedIn is the most powerful tool in your career arsenal. Optimise it to work for you.

Our community is built from the ground up of experts and specialists who have spent years honing their craft.

We work hand in hand with you using entrepreneur-proven strategies to accelerate your digital growth on LinkedIn.

Take us up on a free 15-minute consultation for business leaders like you looking to scale your business — Book a call with us.

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