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How Andy Peh Grew His Brand Influence on LinkedIn

Problem statement

Andy Peh is a Senior Financial Services Director co-leading of 200+ financial advisors and managers.

While business was great, time was a limiting factor for Andy. He needed to build an online presence to gain a wider reach and scale his recruitment efforts - even while he’s away from work.

Our solution

1. Discover

We identified the market gaps that Andy could fill to drive leads for his financial advisory business through LinkedIn.

2. Execute

We devised a comprehensive content strategy with clear content pillars to brand him as a trusted mentor to financial advisors on LinkedIn.

3. Measure & Refine

We conducted a deep-dive analysis to measure his content performance and impact, then refined the strategies and cut ones that did not perform.

The results

Brand-driven results: Got multiple paying mentees and 1 recruit, achieving more than 100% ROI from his brand investment

Wide audience reach: 800+ signed up attendees for his LinkedIn audio event on mindset and coaching

Seen as industry leader: Invited to be a paid speaker as an industry leader for 2 reputable international organisations, who found him through LinkedIn

What the client said about us

“[whacked] helped me rapidly scale my personal brand. Within a year, I got multiple mentees and paid speaking opportunities, and have even been shortlisted as Digital Leader of the Year by Asia Advisers Network for 2 years in a row.

What sets them apart is their ability to adapt quickly to marketing trends. I highly recommend whacked to anyone looking to build their LinkedIn profile and establish themselves as a leader in their industry.”


About us

We're a team of content marketing strategists and social sales specialists supporting business leaders in growing their personal brands on LinkedIn.

Our core focus is on creating targeted and value-packed content with real stories/ideas to help achieve your goals on social media.

Learn more about scaling your personal brand on LinkedIn here.


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