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The Ultimate Guide to Building a Strong LinkedIn Presence Through Comments

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If your LinkedIn posts are going unnoticed, chances are you might need to look at getting more comments on them.

Comments are a key ingredient to building a thriving community on LinkedIn. By sparking conversations and encouraging engagement through comments, you attract more people to engage with your posts. And the best part? LinkedIn rewards posts with more comments by showing them to a wider audience, increasing your visibility and reach.

That's not all - comments offer a great opportunity to build relationships with your followers. By responding to comments and engaging in discussions, you show your followers that you value their input and foster a stronger, more loyal community around your content.

Ready to learn how to approach and maximise comments on your LinkedIn posts? Keep reading.

Tactic 1: Engage With Your Audience

When you come across comments on your content, respond to them. This not only indicates that you value your audience's thoughts and opinions but also helps to continue the conversation and encourage further engagement.

Expect to receive different types of comments such as:

  • Feedback on personal experiences

  • Questions to facilitate discussion

  • Opinions or praises

Here’s LinkedIn creator, Sam Szuchan responding to every comment. This approach helps to acknowledge the audience's feedback, facilitate discussion, and build a stronger relationship with his followers.


Tactic 2: Ask questions

Encouraging people to share their thoughts on a specific topic is a proven approach to fostering engagement and creating a sense of community around your content. There are various ways to do this.

One example of this is Jasmin's post below, where he prompts readers to share their biggest takeaway from the guide.

He replied to every response. In another post, he asks for comments on the post itself.


Prompting comments from your audience enables you to

  • gauge if the content is what they're interested in

  • receive feedback from people

  • have people participate in the discussion of a topic

Start by asking thought-provoking questions, for example:

  • What's your take on this?

  • Would you agree on XXX? Let me know in the comments.

  • What else do you think should be on the list?

Tactic 3: Add extra value

Consider providing additional value in the comments section. This stimulates engagement and cultivates a stronger community around your content.

When you start offering valuable insights or encouraging further discussion in the comments, you're likely to increase your online visibility and boost your reputation. Why? Almost everyone on LinkedIn is on the search of value-driven content to consume. If they land on something useful provided by you, they might take a further look on your profile for more content and eventually follow you to learn more from you.

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You can also incentivise commenting by providing a helpful resource or guide in exchange, similar to how Josue Valles offered his "Notion" guide to those who commented.

Tactic 4: Tag Big Creators

Sometimes one of the easier ways to boost your content and profile visibility is to tag big LinkedIn creators. Lara Acosta does this really well:

This can be helpful in expanding your reach - Especially when they respond to your comment, their followers are likely to see that in your post on their feed. That's how you might get attention coming from their loyal following.

However, simply tagging big creators is not a guaranteed route to high engagement. Always ensure that your content is high-quality, relevant, and adds value to the conversation. Also avoid tagging them in every post as it can be perceived as spammy and may harm your credibility on the platform. It's best to have an existing touchpoint with them, such as engaging with their content or messaging them directly.

Tactic 5: Encourage people to engage

To encourage reactions or reposts on your post, include a call-to-action in the comments. Call-to-actions make it clear what exact action you want your audience to take. So when they go through your content, they can decide if they want to do so.

For example,

"If you found this post helpful, give it a like or share it with your network!"

An example of this technique is Jasmin Alic's post, where he invites people to repost in the comments, thereby adding another layer of engagement and encouraging participation in the conversation.

Jasmin took up a notch to wish his audience and provide a personalised tip for him on creating content. This is a quite effective way in building relationships and nurturing loyal audience on LinkedIn.

Final thoughts

Maximising comments on your LinkedIn post requires:

  1. Fostering engagement with your audience by responding and addressing to all comments.

  2. Asking thought-provoking questions to spark conversation and build a community of your own.

  3. Offering extra value for your audience in the comment section by providing answers and starting further discussion.

  4. Increasing visibility and reach of your posts by tagging top LinkedIn creators in the comments.

  5. Encouraging reactions and reposts by inviting your audience to engage with your content through commenting.

Engaging with your audience would take time and effort - But remember, you're building a strong brand equity in the long run. You'd be cultivating a group of following who believes in you and your offering. Over time, they'd become your loyal advocates that can help you spread the word about your value proposition.


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