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From actionable insights to insider info, we explore the latest branding and LinkedIn insights to help you find success in your branding efforts.

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Featured Resources

Some of our curated resources enjoyed by the community.


CEO's Guide to Succeed on LinkedIn

A straightforward and no-bullshit guide to the world’s biggest untapped opportunity online for business - and how you can use it.


Crafting Engaging LinkedIn Content: Insights from Top LinkedIn Creators

A study on the content strategies of LinkedIn's top creators. We analysed 1000+ posts and identified common patterns that contribute to their success.


How Andy Peh Grew His Brand Influence on LinkedIn

Andy Peh is a Senior Financial Services Director co-leading of 200+ financial advisors and managers. While business was great, time was a limiting factor...

Building Influence Podcast

Deep dive into everything from building a successful personal brand to using AI to supercharge your marketing team with your host, Ashvin.

E-books and Cheatsheets

We’ll be doing the analyses, case studies, and research so you don’t have to.

CEO's Guide to Succeed on LinkedIn E-book cover

CEO's Guide to Succeed on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Content Creation Cheatsheet

LinkedIn Content Creation Cheatsheet

How to Win on LinkedIn: For Entrepreneurs E-book cover

How to Win on LinkedIn:

For Entrepreneurs

LinkedIn Messaging Cheatsheet

LinkedIn Messaging Cheatsheet

LinkedIn LeadGen Checklist Guide cover

LinkedIn LeadGen Checklist

10 Content Ideas for Your LinkedIn Guide cover

10 Content Ideas for Your LinkedIn Profile

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whacked's online course - Maximising LinkedIn for Business: The Complete Guide to Profile Optimisation, Content Creation and Lead Generation

Optimising Your Profile

How you should position your profile to be seen as a thought leader in your niche and be able to nurture and convert your audiences.

Creating Top Performing Content

Learn how to create content consistently with strategy and systems you can use, and how to get those pieces driving thousands of views and relevant people to your profile.

Targeted Outreach

 Learn to systematically target ideal customers for your business, connect and build relationships with them in DMs.

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